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Home > News > Thousands of overseas and domestic enterprises participate in the 2021 U.S. Superstore Goods Online Selection

On December 23rd, the 2021 American Supermarket Product Selected Conference was held on Guoao Trade Promotion Website (

The event was co-organised by NewStarFTZ (USA) and Beijing Leading News Era Cultural Media Co., Ltd. and was broadcasting on guoao2020 (, with 4,725 participants from home and abroad.

The aim of the event was to help buyers from major supermarkets in the US such as Walmart, Tesco, TJ Max and other local small and medium-sized retailers in the US and Europe to match with Chinese manufacturers to help the US side find Chinese sources.

There were 9 suppliers from 5 major US supermarkets attended the event, namely Three Stars Fashion USA Inc, A&M Commerce, Sara Express Inc. Golden Horse Inc, Sports Business, Moe Las Vegas, Pisces collection Inc, Access media and US Sourcing Pro. In addition, 1,000 local Chinese suppliers of electronics, household appliances and home furnitures also participated in the event, directly matching the US buyers in the corresponding product categories.

Ahmed, a representative from Three Stars Fashion USA Inc, expressed their need for electronic devices that can be used indoors and outdoors, such as massage chairs, and estimated their annual revenue to reach US$10 million.

US Sourcing Pro said there is an urgent need to work with Chinese suppliers and a need for a large quantity of high quality and affordable household goods. "With the current situation in the US, I think there will be a change in the suppliers of large US retailers in the short term and they will be looking for new brands, so we are looking forward to discussing further details with Chinese suppliers and factories to explore the market together." Haward, one of the partners of US Sourcing Pro, said.

Kalose, one of TJ Max's US suppliers, said that headphones, earbuds, headsets, phone cases and smart watches, which are basically home electronic devices, are currently a big hit in the US market.

Hart from Acess Media said they could take a different approach to helping companies tackle the problem of aging inventory than liquidators.

Jason Zhang, manager of the NewStarFTZ, said that demand for US household goods had increased significantly due to the epidemic, but with limited local resources at this stage, many large retailers were having to consider re-sourcing, which was a good opportunity for China.

He explained that the ratio of online trade in the US has already increased significantly by 10% compared to 2019 and will continue to expand in 2021 due to many factors such as the epidemic. The online selection meeting is a very good new attempt to trade online by bringing Chinese and American companies closer to each other through online communication.

Chinese companies delegate Senior manager Frank Chan from Shenzhen C&D Electronics company manifested the smart control appliances they provide to overseas market and he welcomed further connections with the US parties.

It is worth emphasising that after this meeting, companies can match with partners through one-on-one meetings on guoao2020, making trade more efficient and convenient.

It is reported that Guoao Trade Promotion Website is an international trade negotiation technology sharing platform, with the mission of solving the problem of finding companies and goods for thousands of enterprises across borders, aiming to help enterprises at home and abroad to find reliable partners quickly and easily, reduce cross-border trade costs and establish stable overseas channels.